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How to create Instagram hashtag feeds for each product in ecommerce store?

Last Updated: May 06, 2014 11:42PM UTC
Instagram Hashtag feeds for each product in Ecommerce store

There are two solutions using Contentplum:

Solution #1: Inserting unique hashtag of product in Instagram photo comment.

Step 1: Define unique hashtag for each product in your store. You can use SKU (Stock keeping Unit) number with your store prefix. Check for uniqueness by validating it in Instagram hashtag search. It should not return any result.

(Note: You will be able to extract only public Instagram photos in Contentplum. If photos are private than Contentplum can not access it)

(Example: Store has product #1 with SKU 1945674 than you can create hashtag --> #cp_1945674)

Step 2: Insert matching hashtag for each product in comment section.

Step 3: Create separate Contentplum widget for each hashtag. Add respective instagram hashtag feed in widget dashboard.

Step 4: Insert respective widget embed code in each product page.

That's it. You just have to keep on repeating step 2 from your side. Contentplum will do its job and keep on fetching proper instagram photos with hashtags periodically.

Solution #2: Inserting your brand hashtag feed in each product and only enabling relevant photos for particular product page.

Step 1: 
Create separate Contentplum widget for each of your product. Add your brand's genaric hashtag in each widget.

Step 2: Disable all entries by selecting ALL OFF options in widget listing page.

Step 3: Go to each widget and selectively turn on each individual post which matches your product page.


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